Trakoo, smart medals

How does it work?


  • A link
  • A QR code
  • An RFID chip

This information is linked to a web page that displays the owner's information. The latter can modify them at any time by logging into his account.

I found a medal?

You found an animal with a TRAKOO medal. Thanks to it, you will be able to obtain the coordinates of its owner or to contact him quickly.

Scan the QR-code or insert the code located at the bottom of the medal

Medals with a N))) logo also have an RFID chip. If your smartphone is equipped with a playback application, you can also tag the medals to get the information.

I want to activate a medal!

Congratulations, you have purchased a smart TRAKOO medal. This medal will allow the quick and easy identification of your animal in case of disappearance.

To activate the system, you must activate your medal. This simple and fast operation allows:

  • To give information on the state of health of your pet
  • To assign contact information (phone, mail, …)

You can update the content associated with a TRAKOO medal at any time.


If you have purchased a TRAKOO medal at a point of sale or a veterinarian, you must create an account. If you bought it on the TRAKOO website, you can use the same account.